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Dr Eddie Pang (Dentist)

Dr Eddie Pang, Dentist

I was inspired to become a dentist as dentistry is a fulfilling specialised field of medicine. With dentistry, I can provide a wide range of services from simple pain relief to cosmetic treatment.”

Dr Pang wants you to know that your teeth should last for a lifetime as long as you look after them!

Education and Professional Development

Dr Pang earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Sydney University. Throughout the years he has taken—and continues to do so—a broad array of courses to stay abreast of the latest in dentistry.

Finding Fulfillment in Helping Patients

As a dentist, Dr Pang is gratified to provide services that are almost immediately effective.

When patients appreciate the improvement and thank me for it, I am happy!”

He has considerable expertise in providing an extensive array of dental services. These include crowns and bridges, full or partial dentures, mouth guards and splints,  veneers and many more.

Staying Active in West Ryde

In his spare time, Dr Pang enjoys travelling, boating, fishing, skiing, attending church activities and participating in Christian Bible study.

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