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Teeth grinding

How to Relieve Your Pain

People grind and clench their teeth due to stress or that they have simply formed a habit. When you do so, the force travels into your teeth, which are connected to your muscles and nerves. The result is headaches, ear pain, neck pain and problems with your jaw. Placing a splint on your teeth puts a barrier between your teeth to distribute the force of your grinding or clenching.

A splint is a simple device that looks a bit like a mouthguard for sport. It’s comfortable, fits snugly and allows you to speak and breathe normally while you wear it.

What to Expect in Getting a Splint

There is just one appointment necessary to get fitted for a mouthguard. You’ll come into our practice and meet with a member of our team to have impressions taken. These impressions are used at our local laboratory to custom-make your mouthguard. Once it has been fabricated, it will be sent back to our clinic. You can pick it up and begin wearing it right away.

Comfortable Materials Used

Your mouthguard can be one of two different types. We have a layered one that is softer on the inside but hard on the outside to give the protection you need. If you press or grind harder, you may prefer to have one that is fully hard on the inside and out. It may take a bit longer for you to get used to wearing it but will offer a superior degree of safety for your teeth.

Our mouthguards are clear and go about halfway up your teeth. You’ll find it simple and comfortable to wear. We’ll let you know how to take care of your mouthguard West Ryde and ensure that it will last for years.



"Most people don't even realise they grind their teeth! It can cause headaches, discomfort and more. Let us help!

- Dr Karen Lee

Teeth Grinding Solutions at My Dental Moments

Do you wake up with headaches? Does your jaw click, pop and cause discomfort? Many of our patients are unaware that they grind or clench their teeth at night. We can see the signs of it at their dental checkups and inform them that we have a solution for them. Others find out they’re grinding because their partner hears them do it. We’ll see the signs of it on your teeth and can address this wear and tear with a high-quality splint.

Think you might have teeth grinding issues?

Come to our West Ryde clinic and we'll help you identify whether you are grinding your teeth or if it is another issue.

Our friendly team at My Dental Moments will be more than happy to help you and discuss all your options!

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