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Dental Checkup
What to expect during your Check up.

During a routine dental checkup, the My Dental Moments team will inspect each and every individual tooth thoroughly to ensure there are no causes for concern and that everything is healthy and clean. This includes looking for:


  • built-up plaque

  • Tartar

  • Cavities

  • Cracks and chips

  • Gingivitis and gum disease (periodontitis)

  • Other potential issues

Areas we focus on are between your teeth and on the inside face of your teeth as these areas are often missed as they can be quite hard to inspect yourself. During your dental checkup, we also inspect your gums and make sure everything is nice and healthy! 


After your thorough examination, we’ll explain our results to you and advise you of any potential concerns. If X-rays are necessary, we’ll let you know.


We’ll discuss a treatment plan if you require future care. We’ll detail all possible options to address your needs. We also complete cleaning of your teeth, with a state-of-the-art procedure with our debridement machine if you wish. A high-pressure water flow removes surface stains, leaving your teeth bright and smooth. You’ll also receive a fluoride treatment to protect you from future decay.

Dental Checkup

"Regular dental checkups help prevent minor issues from becoming major and saves you money!"

-Dr Karen Lee

What is a Dental Checkup?

Routine dental checkups are really important when it comes to maintaining good oral health. By having our experienced dentists periodically check your teeth and oral health, we can catch any minor issues early before they become major ones in the future. Leaving minor issues untreated can lead to more complex procedures down the road and we want to help you avoid that!

While we recommend regular dental checkups, you can also see us for a checkup if you have any concerns, issues or you are experiencing some discomfort. We'll be able to help you determine the cause of your issues and give you an oral health assessment! A treatment plan will be created specifically for you and all your options discussed so that you can make an informed decision as to which treatments you would like to proceed with.

Dental Checkup
West Ryde Dentist

Considering a dental 


Let us help you with your dental checkup and clean! We'll assess each individual tooth, ensure any decay is removed where possible, and discuss with you any minor or major concerns. We accept all health funds and are preferred providers for Bupa, Medibank and NIB so you can maximise your benefits including No-Gap cleans! Come meet the My Dental Moments team and our experienced dentists will assess your oral health and discuss all your options.

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