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What to expect from a Scale & Clean.

Scale and Cleans leave you with a fresh mouth feeling afterward! Scale and Cleans are pain-free and fluoride is applied to help strengthen and protect your teeth.

During your clean, your oral health will be assessed, with each individual tooth being examined carefully. We'll ensure that your teeth are healthy and if there's any cause for concern, we will notify you and discuss your treatment options.

Should you require additional treatments, we'll provide you with our recommendations and a treatment plan will be created to help you overcome any dental problems.

Our friendly team is highly experienced and we can provide no-gap cleans for eligible health funds. To check whether you qualify, please give us a call or contact us through our contact form!

Scale & Clean

"Regular cleans help ensure your teeth are healthy and any spots you may have missed are taken care of!"

- Dr Leona Yu

What is a Scale and Clean?

Even with regular flossing and brushing, we often miss areas little areas where plaque and tartar will build up over time. This can lead to cavities, gum disease and more. A scale and clean removes all the stubborn plaque and tartar that may be present and ensures that any areas you've missed are cleaned thoroughly and pointed out to you so that you can improve your brushing technique.

Brushing alone cannot remove tartar and cavities so it is important that your dentist checked your teeth regularly. By performing a scale and clean, this build-up is removed and helps you avoid painful cavities, gum disease and more, saving you from pain, discomfort and money!

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Would you like a Scale & Clean?

Book an appointment with us instantly with our online booking system! Alternatively, you can call us or use our contact form and one of our friendly team members will respond to you as soon as possible!

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