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Root Canal

When a Root Canal Is Necessary

A cavity or infection can go deeply into the nerve of your tooth, causing it to die off. When this occurs, a filling isn’t enough to address the problem. We remove the infection, then fill the nerve to block bacteria from going back into the area. You can think of your tooth like an egg. We go in to clean inside the tooth, leaving the “shell” intact. To give your tooth the strength it needs, we’ll restore it with a dental crown.

The best way to determine if a root canal is a right choice for you is to have a consultation with a member of our experienced dental team. We’ll examine your tooth and let you know what your options are for treatment.

What to Expect During a Root Canal?

Any root canal will begin with pain management measures to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. How long it will take depends on which tooth we are addressing. The back teeth will take a bit longer because they contain more canals, and the numbing process can take longer for a back tooth. More severe infection can also take longer to numb. In such a case, you may be here for 30-60 minutes. A front tooth that is a simple case can be completed in just 15 minutes.

The first step is to have the infection cleaned out from the tooth. The nerve root is then sealed off to prevent reinfection from occurring. To complete your root canal, we’ll apply a dental crown to the compromised tooth. This measure is necessary to ensure that your tooth can function and stay strong as it should.

Painfree Root Canal

Root Canal

"If you have a badly infected tooth, a root canal can save it and will remove the aches and pains."

- Dr Karen Lee

Root Canals at My Dental Moments

At My Dental Moments, we take a conservative approach to dental care, which means we take every possible measure to save your natural teeth. We believe that you should be able to have fully functional teeth for your lifetime. If you have a tooth that has severe decay or is painful, it may be due to an infection. In such a case, we may recommend a root canal treatment to restore your tooth.

Dentist West Ryde root canal

Think you might need a root canal?

If you have a strong tooth ache, painful headaches or extreme tooth sensitivity, you may need a root canal. However, there may be alternatives! Come see us at our dental clinic in West Ryde and our friendly team will assess the tooth and discuss all your options!

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