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Gum Disease

What Leads to Gum Disease?

Gum disease is proceeded by Gingivitis which is caused by the build-up of plaque, causing your gums to become inflamed and swollen. This can happen even when you only occasionally forget to floss or brush your teeth and often results in your gums bleeding when you brush your teeth. Luckily, Gingivitis can be reversed leaving little to no long-lasting effects. However, when left untreated, Gingivitis often advances to periodontitis.

What happens when I have Gum Disease?

If you happen to have Gum Disease your gum tissue and bones are progressively destroyed. In advanced stages, your teeth may become loose and tooth loss can occur. The damage from gum disease is not reversible and treating it as soon as possible is the only way to stop further damage from occurring. Symptoms of Gingivitis and Gum Disease can include:

  • Gum soreness

  • Red, swollen or tender gums

  • Gums that bleed while brushing and after brushing

  • Formation of pockets between teeth and gums

  • Loose or shifting teeth

Proper identification and treatment of gingivitis and gum disease are important. If caught early, gingivitis can be reversed and we can ensure it does not progress to gum disease/periodontitis. Periodontitis can be a very serious condition and should be treated immediately to avoid tooth loss and under certain circumstances, periodontitis can increase your risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions.

It can be very difficult to distinguish between gingivitis and gum disease so it is important that you see a dentist that will assess your oral health and correctly diagnose your symptoms.

What to expect during Gum Disease Treatment.

The first thing we will do is have you come to see our dentists at our West Ryde clinic for an oral health check-up and assessment. Here, we’ll be able to determine whether you have gingivitis or gum disease and help you identify any other oral health concerns. That way, we’ll know exactly how to treat you. Next, we’ll provide you with all your treatment options and make sure you are 100% comfortable the entire way. Often, it may be a simple scale and clean and use of special mouth wash for a short period of time after the procedure. A scale and clean is a deep-clean where we remove plaque and tartar both from above and below the gum line. 


Afterwards, we’ll advise you on how to maintain your gum health and avoid further issues.



"Gum disease is not fun.

It's important to stop it in its tracks

before it causes more issues"

- Dr Karen Lee

What is Gum Disease?

When we think about oral health and making sure our smile is healthy, we normally think about our teeth, keeping them cavity-free, making them white and potentially straightening them. But your gums is what helps protect and hold your teeth in place so we definitely need to look after them. Gum Disease (or periodontitis) is an infection of your gums and it can cause a whole host of issues if left untreated.

Worried about Gum Disease?

Let us assess your oral health and determine whether you have gingivitis or gum disease (periodontitis). From there, we'll help you treat it so that it is no longer a concern. 

Gum disease is a serious condition so let us help you treat it at our West Ryde Dental clinic.

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