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Feeling Comfortable at our West Ryde Dental Practice

Our dentists are great with children and will help them feel at ease throughout their entire visit. We explain everything that is happening to your child and ensure they understand what is happening and how it’s going to help them. For the more nervous children, we recommend letting them accompany and older sibling or their parents to their next appointment so they can see what is happening and how it isn’t all that scary at all! By familiarising them with the environment and showing them that it’s a comfortable environment for them and their family, they will be more prepared when it’s their turn!

What we can do for your child:

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule:


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We can provide all the care your child may need to keep their oral health in tip-top condition! Importantly, when you visit us we will make sure any potential problems are identified and addressed early pain-free and stress-free. This includes:


  • Checkups and cleans

  • Fillings to address tooth decay

  • Orthodontics for teenagers

  • Early intervention (Phase 1) orthodontics

  • Fissure sealants to protect the back molars from decay

  • Crowns to cover damaged teeth

  • Splints for night grinding and clenching


Perhaps the most essential part of what we’ll do is talk to your child about the importance of oral health and empower them to maintain good oral hygiene habits that will last into adulthood. They’ll be educated on how to brush, floss and how to keep their smiles healthy for life.



"At My Dental Moments, we love working with young patients and we make it a fun experience for them!"

- Dr Karen Lee

Children’s Dental Care at

My Dental Moments

We love working with kids! Every member of our team understands how important it is to make their dental appointments a fun, enjoyable experience. We’ll keep a positive, inviting atmosphere while they’re with us. Furthermore, we’ll never force them to do anything they don’t feel ready for. By bringing them in early in life, particularly during a parent or sibling’s appointments with us, they will feel used to us and look forward to their visits.


Cavities and tooth decay are very common in children. Setting your children up for good oral health early in life can have positive effects on their entire well-being. We will help empower them to take care of their teeth and gums and ensure they won’t develop dental fears that can be common into adulthood.

Come see us for all your children's dentistry needs!

At our West Ryde Dental clinic, our friendly team are experts with the young ones! We welcome you to book an appointment for your child and we'll make sure they feel safe, comfortable and ensure their dental health is optimal now and into the future. Come meet the My Dental Moments team and we'll ensure your entire family has tip-top oral health!