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What is covered under CDBS?

Under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, your child can claim up to $1,000 every 2 years on the following services:

At My Dental Moments, we love working with kids and offer all the eligible services under the CDBS and more so you know you won't be out of pocket or have to go to a different clinic should your child need additional services. Our dentists are great with children and will help them feel at ease throughout their entire visit. We explain everything that is happening to your child and ensure they understand what is happening and how it’s going to help them.

Is my child eligible for CDBS?

The easiest way to figure out whether you are eligible is to contact our friendly team! We'll be able to check for you and confirm what benefits you can access. 

To be eligible, your child needs to be between 2-17 years old at least 1 day for that year, and either you or your child is receiving the following eligible benefits:

  • Child’s parent, carer or guardian

  1. Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A

  2. Parenting Payment

  3. Double Orphan Pension


  • Child

  1. Family Tax Benefit Part A

  2. Carer Payment

  3. Disability Support Pension

  4. Parenting Payment

  5. Special Benefit

  6. Youth Allowance

  7. Department of Veterans’ Affairs education allowances under the:

  • Veterans’ Children Education Scheme (if aged 16–17)

  • Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme (if aged 16–17)


  • Teenager’s partner

  1. Family Tax Benefit Part A

  2. Parenting Payment

Call our friendly team with your Medicare card ready and we will check your eligibility for you!

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

"At My Dental Moments, we love working with young patients and we make it a fun experience for them!"

-Dr Karen Lee

Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Setting your children up for good oral health early in life can have positive effects on their entire well-being. Additionally, establishing good habits early and empowering them to take care of their teeth and gums leads to greater oral health as an adult.

With the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), your children may be eligible for up to $1,000 of children's dental services every 2 years. 

Let us help your child with their dental health!

At our West Ryde Dental clinic, our friendly team are experts with the young ones! We welcome you to book an appointment for your child and we'll make sure they feel safe, comfortable and ensure their dental health is optimal now and into the future. Come meet the My Dental Moments team and we'll ensure your entire family has tip-top oral health!

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